How to Write: How Can You Contribute to Diversity?

This questions is usually asked in college application essays. Particularly in the US, where there is a very huge amount of diverse population. Given this topic, it would be easier for those who are non-citizens to write something about it. For those who are citizens, it should also be easier because it is a little quite subjective. There is no need for extensive research. And so, to write one, here are some tips you might want to consider:

Explain the concept of diversity, in your own words.

Diversity can actually be explained without looking into the dictionary. While it’s okay to write its Merriam-Webster meaning, you should be able to define it in your own words. This will assure the reader that you know what you are talking about.

Expound the importance of having a diverse population.

Of course, a definition will not suffice. You have to explain as well why it is important to tackle this issue. This will, again, be a signal to your reader that you care about the topic you’re writing. You can try writing the pros and cons of having and not having a diverse population. Also, include your main stand on the topic. This will build an understanding of what your arguments are all about.

Share your own skills, which can actually help.

This is the main point of the paper. It is what the question wants you to answer. After explaining the importance of diversity, relate such to your own set of skills which can actually contribute to its development. Emphasize on these skills and knowledge so you’ll be able to convince your reader that they are of importance to the topic. Also, explain how they will be able to contribute.

Illustrate examples.

One of the best ways to explain your argument is by citing some examples. This will help your reader visualize what you’re actually trying to say. It will strengthen your arguments. You may also include anecdotes of some instances where you were able to adapt your skills for contribution. This will serve as evidence that you can actually do, and have already done, something for the development of diversity.

Diversity speaks of ethnicity, minority, and other racial issues. Your paper has to be respectful, yet informative and educating. It must consists of the various ways that would help improve diversity and all its factors. Follow the guidelines above and see yourself writing the best essay on this topic.

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